12th April 2018

Essay Question

Discuss how the author uses language techniques to develop a main character in the novel, and how this character helps you understand one or more themes/ideas.

Techniques could include figures of speech, syntax, word-choice (Islamic and Farsi words), style, symbolism, structure, foreshadowing, or narrative point-of-view.

In the text ‘The Kite Runner’ written by ‘Khaled Hosseini’ we see that the author shows great ideas. The text is based in Kabul Afghanistan. The main characters in the text are Amir and Hassan, they are both young children and they are also friends. Also Amirs dad is baba and hassans dad is Ali. We see that author has used the farsi and arabic language to describe the scene. We also see that he foreshadows the war and refugees in U.S.A.

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